CATS is the best dang bunch of cigar-loving, BOTLs and SOTLs around. We're a fun loving group who cares about each other, helps each other out, and loves to collect and smoke cigars! We're accepting of everyone and we're just here to have a good time. This wonderful community started out on Facebook, but we have outgrown the confines of a website that is inherently anti-tobacco. That's why we created this platform for us to take our community to our own digital space where we make all the rules!

Here you'll find all of the features you love about Facebook, but in a place where the inmates run the asylum. Instead of being frowned upon, smoking cigars is encouraged! Instead of being force-fed irrelevant advertisements, the (much smaller number of) ads you see here will be coming from companies who are relevant to your cigar-smoking interests, and are also from companies who's employees and founders are active members of our community! Instead of being subjected to content guidelines determined by a site that target audience is in college or younger, here we make our own rules and police ourselves.

This community was built for you. We want you to have your own sanctuary online where you can feel at home. We want you to be able connect with your friends from all over the world with the click of a button. The best part about the hobby of smoking cigars is the brotherhood and camaraderie shared by the huge variety of amazing people who are drawn together by the common bond of loving the leaf. Dirty Cats is designed to provide the digital version of this experience that has brought cigar lovers together in homes, garages, B&M lounges, and anywhere else people smoke for centuries.